Hey Mama ... 
Want To Experience A Fast Smooth Birth Without All the Unbearable Pain & Drama?
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"I wanted to get things right for my first birth and worked with Leila immediately. Her guidance throughout my pregnancy got me so well prepared, I birthed my baby while sitting up and spent only 6 hours in the hospital."
Kate, Mum of 1
Hey Mama, Kareen and Leila here….

We are both mothers and we love helping mothers enjoy a smooth birth experience that's easy and as pain-free as possible.

The greatest problem we notice mums facing right now is a LACK OF KNOWLEDGE on how to have a smooth birth.


Because of this, mums like you have to suffer a lot.
- Long and painful labours
- Major abdominal surgeries 
- Long hospital stays 
- Torn pelvic floors 
- Even postnatal depression
- A very long recovery

We have seen friends and colleagues go through this emotionally draining process.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

When YOU have the right knowledge, you can have a smooth delivery

Recover quickly

And get back to your ideal figure swiftly even!

We know because we have done it before ...

And helped plenty of mothers do the same 
"My first birth experience was so traumatic and it left me incapcitated for at least a week, unable to carry and nurse my baby properly. 
With Leila's support in my second pregnancy, I had such a smooth and fast delivery that my doctor didn't even make it on time!"
Adeline, Mum of 2
"My baby was facing the wrong direction but with Leila's guidance, 
I was still able to birth naturally without the need for any pain medications! "
Angela, Mum of 1
Does this excite you?
This is why we are inviting you to a FUN 2-hr workshop to show you how you can have the smoothest, fastest birthing experience you can ever experience.

Know that what you learn at the workshop is NOT theory.

It actually works!

Plus it works - even though this is your first baby, second or third.
"My first birth experience was a long, bed-ridden labour laden with medication … I was certain I needed to do things differently the second time and Leila helped me achieve my desired birth. 
I got baby out within 2h 45min!"
Tiffany, Mum of 2
Here's what you will discover at the session:
  • 3 simple things you can do every morning that will ensure a swift, fast birth
  • ​The world's smoothest birth experience - everything you need to prep from head to toe to ensure the BIG day goes without a hitch
  • Recover the next day - How to get your spirits up and health back swiftly after your birth so you are back on your feet fast!
  •  Involve your hubby - How to engage your spouse so he not only doesn't feel left out, he knows how to make your life easier every step of the way
  • Bring your Sexy Back - 7 tried and tested methods to go from MAMA to MILF - in under 6 months!
... and much more.

This workshop usually costs S$77 - and it's absolutely worth it.

Mamas who attend love it because they say they learn more in the session than all the pregnancy videos/ books/ hospital talks they attend.

And they know whatever we share WILL WORK for them.

However, for a limited time only ...

We are subsidising the workshop fee and allowing 7 more mamas to attend the workshop - FOR JUST $12!


The only catch is ...

We ask that you attend this with your hubby so both of you can support each other. 

REGISTER NOW before ALL seats are filled.

We know when you come … you will both enjoy our session and learn so much.


This might be the life-changing information you need, to have the smoothest, shortest birth you’ve ever had in your life!

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1. Date & Time:
Sunday, 24 November 2019
2pm - 4.30pm

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Venue in November:
Love Bonito @ Funan
107 North Bridge Road #02-09 S(179105)

Our Founders:
Leila Ng is one of the most certified and qualified birth specialists in Singapore.
She coaches mothers through pregnancy and labour, helping them to achieve positive and better birth experiences. Her passion is to empower more parents in Singapore to take charge of their births and not be fearful of them. 

Leila has trained in the United States with leading clinical experts in integrated healthcare systems, such as Jessica English and Jesse Remer who have supported thousands of women.
She is US-certified DONA Birth, Postpartum Doula, of which there are only 20 certified practitioners in Singapore. 

She is also certified by Lamaze International - one of the most respected and recognised credentials in childbirth education certification worldwide.

In Singapore, Leila works closely with many top doctors and nurses from Thomson Medical Hospital, Gleneagles, Mount Elizabeth Hospital and Mount Elizabeth Hospital Novena and has helped more than a hundred women - from first time to third time moms - between the age of 22-40… achieve the birth they desire.

The reason Leila is able to help mums with such ease and grace is because she understands what mums go through.

She had a complicated first pregnancy that led to changing doctors in the final weeks, labouring for over 24 hours, and ultimately delivering a breech baby without a C-section.

But after discovering a more effective, stress-free way to birth ... Leila gave birth to her second child in 4 hours without stitches or tears. 
And she could walk right after. 

Leila has been recognised by various media channels for her efforts and has been featured in Channel News Asia’s Asia First and MediaCorp Channel 8’s Morning Express.

Mums love working with Leila because she has is kind, fun, approachable and calm. 

They tell Leila that the reassurance she gives and the coaching she provides helps them through one of the toughest challenges life has to offer.

And ultimately, they are deeply comforted by the knowledge that Leila truly cares and always has their best interests at heart.
Kareen Lai specialises in helping pre & postnatal mums move right so they enjoy a smooth labour, and get back their dream body right after birth. 

Kareen is a Certified Personal Trainer with the American Council of Exercise and an experienced Educator with FIT Singapore, where she delivers certification courses to educate other trainers on training pregnant and postpartum women. 

In addition, Kareen has studied personally with the top female physiotherapists in Canada and USA. She graduated from The Integrated System for Women’s Health with Diane Lee and the Gray Institute’s Female Chain Reaction with Christina Christie. 

Kareen's story started after she had to battle pre-eclampsia and putting on 30kg of weight gain after her first twin pregnancy. 

Adamant to regain her fitness and her ideal body, Kareen started researching a sustainable method to become stronger and leaner.

Her methods worked so well she actually became fitter and leaner than her pre-pregnancy days.

Today, Kareen spends her time helping her many female clients get back on track with their health and fitness, while also partnering with several women's health physiotherapists to further help women. 

She also found time to publish her methods into a book "18 Again - Bringing Out the Sexy Fit Mummy in You"

For her work, Kareen has been featured on several media platforms such as Channel News Asia, going on The 5 Show, as well as in The Straits Times and other publications like SHAPE and Mother & Baby. 

Mums love working with Kareen because she is relatable, friendly and very encouraging. 

In addition, Kareen customises her fitness program for her clients so they can reach their dream body and weight with ease and speed.
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1. Date & Time:
Sunday, 24 November 2019
2pm - 4.30pm

 ** SOLD OUT **
please leave your details if you'd like updates on upcoming dates

Venue in November:
Love Bonito @ Funan
107 North Bridge Road #02-09 S(179105)

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